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There is an obligation in art derived from a living source, to honor that source. Gray has had a coup de foudre, if you will, when it comes to that particular wellspring.  Tinker toys, Lincoln Logs, and wood cutoffs from construction sites.  These were his playthings as a child.  And always a love of the wood.  The deep scent of pine, the peppery, exotic aroma of Cocobolo.  The definitive smell of an art form that he would recognize with eyes completely closed.


But even as the child moved on, the heart of the tree, stayed within him. 


Much in the way a sculptor reveals the image in the stone, Gray reveals the components of the sculpture yet to be.  Precision of the master carpenter, but always the heart of the artist driving him forward.  An assembly out of that precision, and then yet again the sculpting process.  And again, and again, and again.


The sculpture, done at last, and the living source honored.